Open Spaces/Greens/Ingramgate Committee

The Holmes, situated in Norby, with the B1448 road running alongside is now a grassed recreational area with seats and play equipment suitable for children up to 12 years of age, it is also ideal for picnics, please be aware of the river running next to it, it is also known to flood in winter. Once upon a time a "mill race" occupied a large portion of the Holmes, running from and back into the River Cod Beck, the mill race was filled in with rubble from the old houses which stood on the site of the bungalows.[old picture]

The paths responsibility of the committee are all paths which pass through areas of land in the council's control. Pavements and other rights of way are the responsibility of either North Yorkshire County Council or Hambleton District Council.

The Town Council provides and maintains childrens play areas either on or adjacent to all housing developments.

Castlegarth, the site of the long gone Thirsk Castle is privately owned but leased by the Town Council. It was once let for grazing but the council mows the grass and has provided seating, a public footpath runs across Castlegarth from Station Road to Castlegate, it is a sea of green tranquility yet surrounded by the bussle of everyday life.

Councillor Letty Hunter-Bell

Councillor David Duffey

Councillor Cynthia Hesmondhalgh

Councillor Shirley Ward