Thirsk returns One Councillor to North Yorkshire County Council

County Councillor Gareth Dadd

Thirsk and Carlton Miniott returns Two Councillors to Hambleton District Council

District Councillor Gareth Dadd

District Councillor Vacancy,

The Town of Thirsk returns 11 Councillors to Thirsk Town Council

The Mayor & Chairman
Councillor Hazel Dalgleish-Brown
Tel:- 07763 814455

The Deputy Mayor & Vice Chairman
Councillor David Duffey
Tel:-01845 574927

Councillor Derek Adamson
Tel:- 01845 523768

Councillor John Bell
Tel:- 01845 523420

Councillor John Fisher
Tel:-01845 522495

Councillor Wendy Gibson-Brown

Councillor Cynthia Hesmondhalgh.
Tel:-01845 522055

Councillor David Jackson
Tel:-07940 935541

Councillor Andrew Trueman
Tel: 01845 523212

Councillor Mrs. Shirley Ward

Councillor Vacancy